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Big Foot Monster


Product Features

* Ground clearance up to 410mm
* Electric Starter
* Front & Rear Independent Shock Suspensions
* Off-road Mud Tires
* OEM order available on mass order


Key Specifications:
Model: AT1118
Outer Dimensions 1850 x 1160 x 1350mm
Engine Displacement Available on 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 125cc and 150cc
Starting system Electric start
Load Capacity  >150kgs/330lbs(on 150cc engine)
Wheelbase 1150mm
Fuel Tank Volume 7.0L
Speed 50cc<20km/h 70cc<30km/h 90cc<40km/h 110cc<50km/h 125cc<55km/h
Fuel Type Pure gas
Brake Front & Rear disc brakes
Power Transmission:
Chain drive
Wheel size Front: 22×11 – R8; Rear: 22×11 – R8
Climbing Capacity: ≧30 degrees
Color Available: red, blue, black, yellow, green etc.
Package: Carton Packing
Net Weight: 178kgs/391lbs
Gross Weight: 202kgs/445lbs
Carton Size: 190 x 112 x 75cm
Container: 18pcs/20’, 36pcs/40’,36pcs/40’HQ


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